In a world obsessed by wealth and celebrity, the infamous are emerging and becoming the perfect role models in traditional and untraditional ways. They epitomize a new wave of the famous who are determined to transform their fame into cold, hard cash.  Whatever happened to role models being measured by their talents and cultivated over a period of time from blood, sweat, and tears? Where is the role model who displayed style and grace in private and in public appearances?  Where is the role model who displayed a level of determination, perseverance, and resilience in the face of adversity that made them stand out in their given field?  Where is the role model that championed overcoming opposition, defying expectations, and remaining true to themselves?  Where is the role model who emphasized the right to be uncomfortable with life and face it head on? Where is the role model who displayed qualities that united people rather than divided them?

At one point in time, a role model was like a fine bottle of wine. You secluded, pampered and celebrated its aging to perfection.  Every once in a while you would put it on display and show the world its true essence before the big moment you uncorked it.  Nowadays, the fine bottle of wine has been replaced with poor quality alcohol. Society idolizes and obsesses over the infamous because they are famous.  They don’t display the mold of the old school role model who showed that having character meant presenting depth, feeling, and character flaws.  The new role model image is loud and clear:  you must be dominant and intimidating.  You must find ways to disrespect, insult, put down, and push boundaries.  You are above the law.  You are not accountable for you misdeeds.  You must never champion personal or professional integrity or be accused of going against the grain and having morals.

Please bring back the old school mentality.


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