We have seen it and known it.  We have known liars are all around us.  We know this because directly and indirectly they have shown us and told us they exist.  On every level of society’s existence, there has been some unorthodox manipulation aimed at achieving common goals real and imagined.  This is why we should always question everything we are told and never take anything said at face value.  There needs to be a willingness to call everything seen and unseen into question and accept nothing less than an adequate explanation of the truth.

Yet, in this world we live in, we tend to believe the person who speaks to us.  The person who gravitates to us when our spirits are low and who come to us when we are at our weakest and vulnerable.  We want to believe their intent is to help us, but in reality, they want to engage in trickery.

What should society do?  What can society do?  Society needs to ask tough and direct questions and hold people accountable.  There are a variety questions that could be raised.  Many of these questions cannot be answered; however, the idea behind questioning is to provoke thought and get to the bottom of all of the confusion, contradictions and ignorance. A life of contradiction and short vague scenarios keep a framework of lies together and ensure everyone’s undue participation in the process.  Society is led to believe that you should forget conventional wisdom and live life in a trance.

For liars, any progress made toward truth is a source of anger and resentment.  A liar’s survival depends on the person who is so lost and afraid that they would believe anything and anyone at a moment’s hesitation.  Anyone choosing to ignore or show indifference to them exhibits denial and unfairness.

Throughout history, liars have benefited from the outward projection of their so called truth they created and deemed it normal.  When a liar’s normal becomes status quo and creates an establishment of what they deem is fact, it becomes a horrifying self-fulfilling prophecy of things to come.  A liar’s perception is the irony of those who still want to believe that truth and honor mean something.  Seating and eating at the same table which was promised at the beginning for all to partake from became unimaginable because it never had a chance to be a reality.

The bottom line is we all lie and we know that everyone is not going to tell the truth all the time.  However, when people constantly lie, we not only become dissatisfied with them, but we become dissatisfied with the things they represent.  As we lose faith in them and what they stand for, we lose faith in ourselves.







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