If you are lucky, you have a friend who is there for you.  Most of the time, your friend helps you navigate through life’s troubled waters.  You create a unique bond with one another that no one can imagine or understand.  Time and distance could never diminish or destroy it.  But what about the friend who doesn’t have your best interests at heart?  What about the friend who feels they can wreak havoc, cause pain, and destroy relationships? What about the friend who feels anyone in their path is ripe for anger, criticism, and judgment?

What happened to being a friend who is open, honest, and trustworthy?  What happened to the code of friendship?  I know you who you are.  I see you.  You are the one who is always out for yourself.  You are the one who finds your niche in different ways being fair weathered.  You are the most important piece on the chessboard, but you are also the weakest.  You are the one who hurls unfounded accusations about everyone where no substantial evidence exists.  You are the one who chooses to stand on the sidelines while others engage in the game on the field.  You find this position easier for you because you can freely criticize and disparage other people’s actions with planned tactics and strategies.  You freely take advantage of everyone without concern or a thought for the fallout, especially at their vulnerable moments.  You’re only a friend when opportunity presents itself in the form of profit and pleasure.  You come out in the good times, but want to hide in the bad times.

The reality is time will move on and you will accept the inevitable.  You will realize not everyone has the same value systems as you do.  There are people who aren’t you who know how to treat others and that it is not easy to criticize or abandon those in need. You will realize you will need to take action and be a part of the solution and not part of the problem.  Be the person who is first to help and the last to judge


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